Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hello Lovely People

Something you should know. This is aimed primarily at you, bloglovin' followers. I'm afraid that in a very rash decision, I chose to change my url name to fit the actual title of the blog. It didn't occur to me that as soon as I'd do that, I'd basically have a new blog.

So this is me, Jocie, telling you to go follow my new bloglovin' account: terre rit a fleurs (or I'll put a widget somewhere on this post, and I'll also give you a link to my profile. You probably all hate me for this, and understandably so.

If you'd just prefer to follow me on my profile (something I can't really ever change), click here.

Ok. That's all. Tootaloo. Sorry, again.

I won't probably actually ever use this blog. It was just the only way I could think of where you'd actually receive this post (without following me on other social medias).

Sorry again. Really.

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